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Monday, June 1st

  Auditorium 2 (592) 0.1 London (90) 0.2 Berlin (90) 0.3 Copenhagen (49) 0.4 Brussels (189) 0.6 Madrid (49) 0.7 Lisbon (47) 0.8 Rome (118) 0.9 Athens (118) Lobby Exhibition area
9:00 Opening                    
Plenary lecture: Listening

Plenary Lecture: Sound and Safe: A History of Listening Behind the Wheel
K. Bijsterveld
Acoustical aspects of timber structures

Improvement of airborne sound insulation of lightweight timber framed walls through prefabricated multilayer wood studs
V. Desarnaulds, R. Fecelier
ICA meeting
Noise Barriers

Japanese experience to reduce road traffic noise by various noise reducing devices
K. Yamamoto
Techniques for virtual acoustics

Acoustic Source Localisation In An Urban Environment Using Early Reflection Information
F. Stevens, D. Murphy
Non auditory health effects of noise

Does the Exposure to Aircraft Noise Increase the Risk of Hypertension near French Airports?
A.-S. Evrard, M. Lefčvre, P. Champelovier, J. Lambert, B. Laumon
Wind turbine noise: Human impact/Guidelines

Annoyance potential of wind turbine noise compared to road traffic noise
B. Schäffer, S. Schlittmeier, K. Heutschi, M. Brink, R. Graf, R. Pieren, J. Hellbrück
Time domain modelling

Non linear N wave source impedance model
D.K. Singh
Standardization, classification and noise labeling

A noise label for motor vehicles: towards quieter traffic
J. Sliggers
Room acoustic measurement and predictions

Measurement of 3D Room Impulse Responses with a Spherical Microphone Array
J.-J. Embrechts
11:20 SEA based prediction for integrated vibro-acoustical design optimization of multi-storey buildings
A. Rabold, M. Schramm, C. Châteauvieux-Hellwig
The project for noise barriers and others NRD for transport infrastructures: An overall vision and implementation experience in the countries of southern Europe
D.M. Alegre
Physical Properties of Local Wave Field Synthesis using Circular Loudspeaker Arrays
F. Winter, S. Spors
The Relatioship between Exposure to Traffic Noise and Resting Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents from Belgrade
G. Belojevic, J. Ilic-Zivojinovic, K. Paunovic, B. Jakovljevic
Low Frequency Noise Proposed Wind Farm in Maastricht, The Netherlands
E. Koppen
Radiation of moving sources in time-domain simulations of outdoor sound propagation
D. Dragna, P. Blanc-Benon
Sound space for Industrial noise now and in the future
R. Bruinsma
A physically-motivated parametric model for compact representation of room impulse responses based on orthonormal basis functions
G. Vairetti, T. Van Waterschoot, M. Moonen, M. Catrysse, S.H. Jensen
11:40 ACA - New Research and Testing Competence for Timber Constructions with a focus on low frequencies in Austria
F. Dolezal, H. Müllner, M. Neusser, M. Teibinger
The European standards for noise barriers for roads and railways: state of the art 2015
J.-P. Clairbois, M. Garai
Frequency Dependent Absorbing Boundary Implementations in 3D FDTD Room Acoustics Simulations
S. Oxnard, D. O'Brien, D. Murphy, J. Van Mourik
Noise and hypotension - potential association and moderation
P. Lercher
International Legislation for Wind Turbine Noise
E. Koppen, K. Fowler
A hybrid PSTD/DG method to solve the linearized Euler equations
R. Pagán Muńoz, M. Hornikx
Community noise: a fundamental ingredient of an environmental health performance indicator (CHERIO)
D. Houthuijs, E. Van Kempen, W. Swart, A. Van Beek, F. De Leeuw, A. Dusseldorp, J. Van Engelen, D. De Gruijter, H. Kruize, B. Staatsen
Localization-assisted indoor acoustical data monitoring
N. Prodi, A. Conti, F. Lodi, S. Bartoletti, J.S. Dekhordi
12:00 Measurement and calculation of sound transmission across junctions of solid timber building elements
S. Mecking, T. Kruse, U. Schanda
Comparison between laboratory and in-situ methods for measuring sound reflection properties of noise barriers
M. Conter, R. Wehr
Virtual sound generation by linear modal synthesis based on recorded audio examples
I. Muhammad, J.Y. Jeon
Residential exposure to traffic noise and risk for non- Hodgkin lymphoma and chronic lymphoid leukemia in an adult population
M. Sřrensen, O. Raaschou-Nielsen
The Influence of Visual Information on Assessment of Wind Turbine Noise
A. Preis, M. Szychowska, H. Hafke-Dys, J. Kocinski
Time domain modeling for impulse source localization in urban environments
S. Cheinet, L. Ehrhardt, T. Broglin New tools to inform the public about environmental noise in cities and to assist decision-making
F. Mietlicki, C. Mietlicki, C. Ribeiro, P. Gaudibert, B. Vincent
Room impulse response measurement and delay-and-sum beamforming, application to room and building acoustics
S. Barré
12:20 Flanking Sound Insulation of Timber Walls combined with different Timber Hollow Box Floors
C. Geyer, A. Müller, A. Melián Hernández
Optimizing the exponential sine sweep (ESS) signal for in situ measurements on noise barriers
M. Garai, P. Guidorzi
  Effects of aircraft noise on reading and oral language abilities in German children near Frankfurt/Main airport: Results of the NORAH (noise-related annoyance, cognition, and health)-study
M. Klatte, J. Spilski, J. Mayerl, U. Möhler, T. Lachmann, K. Bergström
Differences in noise requirements for wind turbines in four European countries
E. Nieuwenhuizen, M. Köhl
A Novel Method of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Noise Prediction
J. Botha
  A bootstrap estimation of confidence levels in reverberation time measurements at low frequencies
D. Pérez Cabo, M.A. Sobreira Seoane, J.R. Fernández Bernárdez
12:40     TC Noise Source-specific traffic noise exposure and cardiovascular mortality in Switzerland
D. Vienneau, H. Héritier, M. Foraster, M. Brink, C. Cajochen, I.C. Eze, M. Köpfli, J.-M. Wunderli, N. Probst-Hensch, M. Röösli
  TC Computational Acoustics        
Plenary lecture: Computational acoustics

Plenary Lecture: Numerical Techniques for Acoustics and Vibrations: Virtual Tools for Real Problems
W. Desmet
Structural acoustics and vibrations

Replacable building base isolation
M. Vanstraelen
The application of Solar-Noise Barriers for UK highways and their combined benefits for local government, developers and the wider community
G. Parker
Noise Mapping (incl. CNOSSOS/EU/China)

Noise mapping State of art - is it just a simple as it looks like - Pitfalls
H.J.A. Van Leeuwen, S.E.H. Van Banda
Annoyance to transportation noise and risk of physical inactivity
M. Foraster, I.C. Eze, D. Vienneau, M. Brink, C. Cajochen, H. Héritier, J.-M. Wunderli, M. Röösli, N. Probst-Hensch
Airport noise and its management

Capri Island helicopter noise control
A. Papa, P. Addonizio
Computational acoustics / general

A quasi-potential flow formulation for the prediction of the effect of the circulation on the acoustic shielding from a lifting body by means of a finite element method
S. Mancini, M. Tournour, R.J. Astley, G. Gabard, S. Sinayoko
Local noise policies

Assessment and Management of Environment Noise in Turkey
S. Shilton
Different radiation impedance models for finite porous absorbers
M. Nolan, C.-H. Jeong, J. Brunskog, J. Rodenas, F. Chevillotte, L. Jaouen
15:00 Transmission of Vibroacoustic Energy Through the Structures of a Car Body Into the Protected Area and its Control
S. Ziaran, O. Chlebo
Phonobloc® rail track - in-situ tested low noise barriers in platform-design made of concrete
G. Lanz, M. Jaksch
A color scheme for the presentation of sound immission in maps: requirements and principles of design
B. Weninger
Associations of road traffic noise with mortality and hospital admissions in London
J. Halonen, A. Hansell, J. Gulliver, M. Blangiardo, D. Fecht, S. Beevers, R. Anderson, C. Tonne
Assessment of Environmental Noise due to Aircraft Operation at the CORFU International Airport according to the 2002/49/EC Directive and the new Greek National Legislation
K. Vogiatzis
Noise Reduction of an Electric Motor by Using a Numerical Model
A.A. Uslu
Healthy urban living: integration of noise in other local policy domains
M. Weber
Uncertainty in sound diffusion and scattering coefficients measurement
A. Pilch, D. Behounek, P. Pawlik, T. Kamisinski, J. Rubacha
15:20 An applied research of seismic and vibration resistance of the equipment with assessment of seismic and vibration effects
A. Horniaková, J. Keníz, M. Musil
Acoustic Effect of Drainage Gaps in Noise Barriers
F. Peeters, W.-J. Van Vliet
Comparison of German Road Traffic Noise Calculation Method to the new Common Noise Assessment Methods
J. Müller, W. Bartolomaeus
Health Impact Assessment of airport noise on people living nearby six Italian airports
C. Ancona, M. Golini, F. Mataloni, D. Camerino, M. Chiusolo, G. Licitra, M. Ottino, S. Pisani, L. Cestari, M.A. Vigotti, M. Davoli, F. Forastiere, I. Sera Study Group
Estimating Variation in Community Noise Due to Variation in Aircraft Operations
A. Synodinos, R. Self, I. Flindell
Numerical integration methods for the solution of Helmholtz equations with the Wave Based Technique
P. Zsifkovits, A. Hepberger, G. Offner
Green urban mobility, much quieter; it is not a castle in the air!
H. Wolfert, C. Verweijen
Evaluation of a Numerical Method for Identifying Surface Acoustic Impedances in a Reverberant Room
N. Antonello, T. Van Waterschoot, M. Moonen, P. Naylor
Airborne and Impact sound transmission - measurement methods

Building acoustics measurements: an innovative solution with automatic recognition and optimized workflow
E. Aflalo, S. Bloquet, T. Poli
coffee GIS data and noise maps: shall they be INSPIRE compliant?
A. Kotsev, S. Kephalopoulos, H. De Groof, A. Abramic, P. Smits, V. Lima
Associations of road traffic noise, blood pressure and heart rate in three harmonized European cohorts
W. Zijlema, Y. Cai, D. Doiron, K. De Hoogh, D. Morley, S. Hodgson, H. Kongsgard, K. Hveem, R. Stolk, J. Rosmalen
A Combined Qualitative/Quantitative Approach to the Design of Noise Annoyance Studies
I. Flindell, P. Le Masurier
Simulation of Aerodynamically Generated Sound Using Hybrid Aeroacoustic Methods
J. Hammar, G. Efraimsson, C. O'Reilly
Extended Cost / benefit analysis for noise control for municipal and provincial roads
M. Van De Klundert
Effects of Different Diffusor Types on the Diffusivity in Reverberation Chambers
M. Nolan, M. Vercammen, C.-H. Jeong
16:00 Measurement of flanking sound transmission at low frequencies with a laser doppler vibrometer
S. Schoenwald, H.-M. Tröbs, A. Zemp
  The Effectiveness of Quiet Facade on Account of Chinese Residential Layout
X. Lu
Road traffic noise, Air pollution and Cardio-respiratory Health in European Cohorts: a Harmonised Approach in the BioSHaRE Project
Y. Cai, M. Blangiardo, K. De Hoogh, J. Gulliver, D. Morley, D. Doiron, P. Elliott, A. Hansell, S. Hodgson
Harmonizing noise abatement and urban development
N. Mahler, H. Boegli
Nonlinear modeling of thermoacoustic systems
J.A. De Jong, Y. Wijnant, A. De Boer
DYNAMAP: a new approach to real-time noise mapping
G. Zambon, R. Benocci, A. Bisceglie
Overhead stage canopies - case studies
T. Kamisinski, A. Szelag, A. Pilch, K. Brawata, J. Rubacha
YAN activity  
16:20 Measurement of the dynamic stiffness of porous materials taking into account their airflow resistivity
C. Crispin, C. Mertens, B. Ingelaere
Computational acoustics for offshore pile driving noise

Numerical determination of equivalent damping parameters for a finite element model to predict the underwater noise due to offshore pile driving
K. Heitmann, T. Lippert, M. Ruhnau, S. Lippert, O. Von Estorff, S. Mallapur
Application of Noise Mapping in Environmental Noise Management in Hangzhou, China
B. Zhang, W. Hu, R. Wu, L. Liu, J. Yang
Annoyance & health effects of vibration & combined exposures

How Many Indicators for Vibration Exposure are Needed?
M. Van Den Berg
coffee coffee coffee Simulation of Diffractions and Reflections of arbitrary order with the Sound Particle Diffraction Model based on the Uncertainty Relation
S. Weigand, A. Pohl, U. Stephenson
16:40 coffee Predictions of the Effects of Elastic Seabed on Noise Radiated during Marine Pile Driving
L.S. Wang, P. Theobald, S. Robinson
coffee Rational regulations for vibrations from rail traffic
M. Van Den Berg
Noise Reduction for a High Performance Military Aircraft - General Approach and Current Status
E. Grigat
How the Dutch handle highway noise

The Dutch Road Noise Mitigation Program
N. Faber
Noise Action Planning at Airports under Difficult Political Conditions - Technical Methods and Procedures for Successful Support
M. Petz
17:00 On the use of laser Doppler vibrometry in building acoustics
N.B. Roozen, M. Rychtáriková, H. Müllner, C. Glorieux
A three-dimensional semi-analytical model for the prediction of underwater noise from offshore pile driving
A. Tsouvalas, A. Metrikine
The required accuracy in the new Common Noise Assessment Method
M. Paviotti, P. De Vos
Comparison of annoyance from railway noise and railway vibration
M. Ögren, M. Smith, K. Persson Waye
Flat Plate Installation Effects on Velocity and Wall Pressure Fields Generated by an Incompressible Jet
M. Mancinelli, A. Di Marco, R. Camussi
Modelling and monitoring Dutch highway traffic noise production
T. Veger, A. Dijkstra, R. Nota, R. Jonker
Old Rhine ships have to be quiet too
C. Ostendorf, N. Geebelen, A. Koopman, C. Laudij
Comparing a Phased Combination of Acoustical Radiosity and the Image Source Method with Other Simulation Tools
G. Marbjerg, J. Brunskog, C.-H. Jeong, E. Nilsson
17:20 Assessment of acoustical insulation of double glass building element by laser Doppler vibrometry and microphone measurements
C. Glorieux, D. Urbán, N.B. Roozen, L. Labelle, M. Rychtáriková
Finite difference computational modelling of marine impact pile driving
A. Macgillivray
Conversion of existing road source data to use CNOSSOS-EU
S. Shilton, F. Anfosso Ledee, H.J.A. Van Leeuwen
Do current guidelines on vibration provide sufficient health protection at the community level independent of the accompanying soundscape?
M. Cik, P. Lercher
Noise control at power plants

Identification of a vibration pattern from pressure measurements and radiation modes
P. Herzog, R. Guillermin, P. Lorin, E. Van Lancker, V. Chritin
Traffic Noise Management: The Dutch Approach
R. Jonker, W. Alberts
Noise from Livestock Husbandry - Introducing a new Basis for Assessment
M. Kropsch, C. Lechner
Influence of Source-Receiver Distance in Reverberant Room on Front-Back Confusion
M. Rychtáriková, D. Pelegrin Garcia, N.B. Roozen, C. Glorieux
17:40 Comparison of strategies for the experimental analysis of airborne sound insulation of building elements
L. Godinho, A. Neves, J. Nascimento, I. Castro, P. Amado-Mendes
Validating a wavenumber integration model for the prediction of underwater noise due to offshore pile driving
M. Ruhnau, T. Lippert, K. Heitmann, S. Lippert, O. Von Estorff
Conversion of existing railway source data to use CNOSSOS-EU
M. Paviotti, S. Shilton, R. Jones, N. Jones
The use of vibration health response information in the framework of environmental health impact assessments: technical issues of implementation and interpretation
B. Tappauf, M. Cik, P. Lercher
Active noise control in practice: transformer station
E. Buikema, F. Van Der Ploeg
The effective planning of measures in relation to other work such as maintenance of pavements
P. Paffen
Noise standards for electronically amplified music in Flanders (Belgium)
G. Pée, G. Vindevogel
Important simulation parameters for open plan office acoustics
J. Jagla, C. Benoit
18:00 Popvenues in living areas
M. Luykx, M. Lautenbach, M. Vercammen
Evaluation of the impact of the uncertainties on environmental data for far-field propagation in shallow water with Split-Step Padé PE
S. Lesoinne, A. Barth, X. Kaiser, J.-J. Embrechts, A. Gillet, R. Moelans
Feasibility of using the CNOSSOS-EU road traffic noise prediction model with low resolution inputs for exposure estimation on an international scale
J. Gulliver, K. De Hoogh, D. Fecht, F. Fabbri, M. Bell, P. Goodman, P. Elliott, S. Hodgson, D. Morley
Annoyance due to vibration from freight railway lines in the Netherlands and Poland
S. Janssen, B. Zuada Coelho, A. Koopman, E. Peris, W. Groll, K. Wisniewska
Experimental Investigation on Acoustic Effects of Trailing Edge Modifications of Splitter Attenuators for Power Generation Systems
C. Sebastiani, C.-C. Hantschk, H.-J. Kaltenbach
Noise measures in road construction works
W.-J. Van Vliet
  Appropriate background noise level regarding speech privacy and annoyance in a train cabin
J.Y. Jeon, J.Y. Hong, H.S. Jang
18:20   The Use Numerical Modelling to Assist and Improve Industrial Understanding of Underwater Noise and Relevant Mitigation Measures
J. Kringelum, P. Skjellerup
  Health effects of vibrations due to trains
I. Van Kamp, E. Van Kempen, H. Van Wijnen, E. Verheijen, T. Istamto, O. Breugelmans, L. Dirven, A. Koopman
Acoustic and flow analysis to reduce boiler hum
T. Campmans
    The Role of Acoustic Reviews in Influencing Restaurant Acoustics
S. Camp
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