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Tuesday, June 2nd

  Auditorium 2 (592) 0.1 London (90) 0.2 Berlin (90) 0.3 Copenhagen (49) 0.4 Brussels (189) 0.6 Madrid (49) 0.7 Lisbon (47) 0.8 Rome (118) 0.9 Athens (118) Congress diner
Auditory and Multisensory perception

Assessment of participatory-multisensorial tasting experiences based on customized soundscapes
F. Reinoso Carvalho, A. Touhafi, K. Steenhaut, M. Rychtáriková, R. Van Ee, M. Leman
Sound insulation of lightweight structures

The Radiation Impedance of a Rectangular Panel
J.L. Davy, D.J. Larner, R. Wareing, J. Pearse
Tyre/road noise modelling

Modal testing and finite element modelling of a reduced-sized tyre for rolling contact investigation
Y. Zhang, J. Cesbron, M. Bérengier, H.-P. Yin
Auralisation of urban sound

Auralisation of accelerating passenger cars
R. Pieren, T. Bütler, K. Heutschi
Health related quality of life and noise

Hearing conservation campaigns for adolescents: visibility and effects reported by university students
A. Bockstael, H. Keppler, T. Desloover, D. Botteldooren
Industrial noise control

Experiences of a Polyurethane-Manufacturer with the Elastic Decoupling of Machines
T. Schoenherr
Structured materials and metamaterials for the control of audible sound

Nonlinear Structuring of Helmholtz Resonators for Increasing the Range of Sound Absorption
E. Gourdon, A. Ture Savadkoohi
Microphone arrays and sound visualization: Methods and applications

Experimental Assessment of a Single-layer Near-field Acoustic Holography Method in an Enclosed Space
E. Zea, I. Lopez Arteaga
Acoustics in schools

Experimental investigation of the combination of absorptive and diffusing treatments in classrooms
Y.-J. Choi
9:00 Alarm Fatigue in the Perception of Medical Soundscapes
M.S.E. Kristensen, E. Özcan, J. Edworthy, S. Denham
On the Influence of the Junctions on Wooden Buildings Structural-Acoustic Behaviour
D. Blon, O. Dazel, J.-M. Genevaux, B. Brouard, A. Tribaleau
Three dimensional modelling of sound absorption in porous asphalt pavement for oblique incident waves
M. Bezemer-Krijnen, Y. Wijnant, A. De Boer
Effect of Load on Engine Noise for the Auralization of Road Traffic
J. Maillard, J. Jagla
Transportation noise and health related quality of life: perception of soundscapes, coping and restoration
P. Lercher, E. Von Lindern
Evaluation of Noise in Sensitive Living Quarters aboard Floating Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities Using the SEA Method
K. Fowler, B. Gardner, M. Burrill
Acoustic resonant surface: from nearly-total reflection to nearly-total absorption of sound
L. Schwan, O. Umnova, C. Boutin, H.-C. Shin, S. Taherzadeh, K. Attenborough
Direct acoustic vector field mapping: new scanning tools for measuring 3D sound intensity in 3D space
D. Fernandez Comesańa, S. Steltenpool, E. Tijs, M. Korbasiewicz
The Challenge of Meeting both Acoustic and Thermal Comfort in 21st Century School Classrooms
C. Campbell, H. Brokmann, E. Nilsson
9:20 Human echolocation: localizing reflections of self-generated oral sounds in laboratory
D. Pelegrin Garcia, M. Rychtáriková, C. Glorieux
Modelling of patterned fibre constrained layer damping for composite materials
A. Verstappen, J. Pearse
Mechanisms of acoustic aging of road surfaces
R. Van Loon, G. Van Blokland, C. Tollenaar
Perceptual validation of auralized heavy-duty vehicle
P. Bergman, A. Pieringer, J. Forssén, P. Andersson
Variation in tone presentation by Pure Tone Audiometers: the potential for error in screening audiometry
C. Barlow, L. Davison, M. Ashmore
Noise Risk as Described in Instructions for Printing Machinery Supplied in Europe
P. Brereton, J. Patel
Low frequency sound absorption in porous material with periodically distributed dead-end pores
P. Leclaire, O. Umnova, T. Dupont, R. Panneton
Transient Acoustic Analysis of a motor run-up in a vehicle using a modular 4096 channel MEMS Mirophone Array
W. Ouwens, M. Camp, R. Scholte
Clarity & Strength in non-diffuse fields: comparison with diffuse field models
J. Harvie-Clark, F. Larrieu, N. Dobinson, D. Wallace
Workshop: European noise policy: where do we go? (supported by European Commission DG environment)

The environmental noise Directive at a turning point
I. Juraga, B. Berger, M. Paviotti
Acoustic properties of composite lightweight structures
E.A. Piana, A. Nilsson
Influence of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Wheel Resonance on tire cavity noise
Y. Yang, Y. Wei
Auralization of Urban Environments - Concepts towards New Applications
M. Vorlaender, J. Stienen
The association between road traffic noise exposure, annoyance and health-related quality of life (HRQOL)
H. Héritier, D. Vienneau, P. Frei, I.C. Eze, M. Brink, N. Probst-Hensch, M. Röösli
High Frequent Noise from Variable Speed Drive Electric Motors
K. Selvĺg, A. Krogvig
Gradient metamaterial layers as impedance matching devices for efficient sound absorption
A. Azbaid El Ouahabi, V. Krylov, D. O'Boy
iPTF methods: How Green's identity and FEM solver can be used for acoustic inverse methods
N. Totaro, S. Forget, J.-L. Guyader
A Comparative Study on Indoor Sound Quality of the Practice Rooms upon Classical Singing Trainees' Preference
Ö. Sinal, S. Yilmazer
9:50 Differences Between the Principles of the European National Noise Laws and Those of the Environmental Noise Directive
G. Licitra
10:00 The process required to achieve an effective noise reduction in a city
H.J.A. Van Leeuwen, P. De Vos
Are laboratory tests and prediction models useful in building construction projects?
F. Verbandt, J. Vandendriessche, B. Van De Velde
Modelling tools for the development of the Silent and Safe tyres
B. Makwanan, B. De Bruijn, E. Verhulp, D.A. Bekke
coffee The Restorative Effects of Pleasant Urban Areas in the Netherlands: the Role of Sound Quality
E. Van Kempen, I. Van Kamp, W. Swart, J. Devilee, C. Ameling
System of tradable sound rights, study
H. Spierenburg
Design and Experimental Validation of a Plate with Internally Resonating Lattices for Low-frequency Vibro- acoustic Control
F. Tateo, J. Michielsen, I. Lopez Arteaga, H. Nijmeijer
coffee Local variations of speaker-oriented acoustic parameters in typical classrooms: a simulation study
D. Pelegrin Garcia, M. Rychtáriková, C. Glorieux
10:10 Is noise a problem for the citizen?
S. Turner
coffee coffee  
10:20 Discussion Description of the research project CIMEDE for the industrial construction of evolutionary, sustainable and economic houses
F. Duthoit
coffee Determining an Empirical Emission Model for the Auralization of Jet Aircraft
R. Frederik, K. Heutschi
Noise sensitivity and musical background
M. Heinonen-Guzejev, M. Kliuchko, K. Heikkilä, V. Spinosa, M. Tervaniemi, E. Brattico
coffee Extraordinary absorption of sound in porous lamella
J. Christensen
Design of 3D microphone arrays using automatic speech recognition and psychoacoustic evaluation for immersive sounds
H. Lim, H.S. Jang, J.Y. Jeon
Acoustics - Loading of teachers and children
E. Sala, L.M. Rantala, S. Hakala, S. Holmqvist
10:40 Discussion coffee Making road traffic bridges silent
P. Van Den Dool
Auralisation of Finite Difference Time Domain Simulations of Sonic Crystal Noise Barriers in an Urban Environment
D. Murphy, S. Harriet
coffee Benchmark indicators for industrial noise emission
T. Van Diepen, A. Van Wijk, J. Granneman
coffee Plate mode identification using modal analysis based on microphone array measurements
A. Van Velsen, E. Moers, I. Lopez-Arteaga, H. Nijmeijer
Assessment of indoor ambient noise level in school classrooms
G.E. Puglisi, L.C. Cantor Cutiva, A. Astolfi, A. Carullo
11:00 Discussion Assessment of sound transmission characteristics of traditional timber-framed dwellings in Ankara, Turkey
M. Erdil, A. Tavukcuoglu, M. Caliskan
What you measure is what you get? - a novel approach for specifying and controlling acoustic quality of road surfaces
A. Kuijpers, W. Schwanen, J. Van De Water, W.-J. Van Vliet
Measuring end-to-end delay in real-time auralisation systems
J. Lamas, C. Silva, M. Silva, S. Mouta, J. Creissac Campos, J. Santos
Are Urban Park Soundscapes Restorative or Annoying?
S. Payne, H. Nordh, R. Hassan
Regulation of noise from moored ships in ports
R. Witte
Optimised thin Metaporous materials for absorption applications in the audible frequency range
C. Lagarrigue, J.-P. Groby, V. Tournat
Application of MEMS microphone array for acoustic holography
Z. Havranek, P. Benes, S. Klusacek
Talking, Teaching, and Listening: Teachers' response to acoustic environments
E. Hunter, T. Leishman
11:20 Discussion A study of sound Absorption behaviors of Fiber wood panel
C. Demanet
Traffic strategies and noise impacts

Applying Intelligent Transport Systems to manage noise impacts
I. Wilmink
Low frequency noise in relation to health effects: A systematic review
C. Baliatsas, I. Van Kamp, R. Van Poll
Operational Transfer Path Analysis applied to a Ship with Multiple Engines, Gearboxes and Propellers
T. Keizer
Sound absorption by a structure with straight rectangular tubes loaded by periodically distributed resonators
J.-P. Groby, O. Umnova, Y. Aurégan
Sparse acoustic imaging with a spherical array
E. Fernandez-Grande, A. Xenaki
The index method of acoustic design of sports enclosures
E. Nowicka
11:40 Discussion Sound Transmission Characteristic through Mechanically Connected Laminated Composite Double Wall Panel
P. Bhattacharya, A. Sahu, M. Rose
  From regional "strategic" maps to microscopic scale models: multi-scales approaches to improve the assessment of exposure to pollutants due to transportation
X. Olny, B. Vincent
Effects of aircraft noise on annoyance and quality of life in German children near Frankfurt/Main airport: Results of the NORAH (noise-related annoyance, cognition, and health)-study
K. Bergström, J. Spilski, J. Mayerl, U. Möhler, T. Lachmann, M. Klatte
Action Plan for Noise Abatement in Chemical Plant - Coverage, Cooperation
A. Muntag, M. Berndt, M. Márkus
On inner resonance in highly contrasted composites Design of media with negative mass or stiffness
C. Boutin
  Speech intelligibility in Swedish forests
J. Christensson
Plenary lecture: Speech intelligibility in Noise

Plenary Lecture: Speech Intelligibility in Noise: How Does our Auditory System Get Rid of the Noise?
S. Van De Par
12:40 TC room and building acoustics                
Excitation of building elements by structure-borne and airborne sources

Frequency Band Averaged Data for Prediction of Structure-borne Sound Power from Mechanical Installations in Buildings
B. Gibbs
Railway vibration and ground-borne noise

Modelling the dynamic pile-soil-pile interaction in a multi-layered half-space
W. Hamad, E. Ntotsios, H. Hunt, M.F.M. Hussein, D. Thompson, J. Talbot
Solutions for lower tyre/road noise

A Model for Diffracting Elements to Reduce Traffic Noise
Y. Wijnant, J. Hooghwerff
Recreational noise

The Inclusion of Recreational Activities in Strategic Noise Maps
V. Rosăo, Á. Grilo
Sleep and noise

Free field evaluation of the influence of naturalistic road and rail traffic noise on both psychological and physiological parameters
M. Cik, M. Lienhart, K. Fallast
Construction noise

Construction and urban noise: automatic assessment of noise monitoring results
E. De Beer, J. Granneman, W. Van Der Maarl
Numerical methods for sound absorbing materials

Application of the Transfer Matrix and Finite Surface Size Correction to Room Acoustics Simulation
A. Van Der Harten
Underwater Noise, Imaging and Communication

Measurements of underwater conductor hammering noise: compliance with the German UBA limit and relevance to the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)
J. Jiang, V. Todd, J.C. Gardiner, I. Todd
Open plan offices

Acoustic of open spaces - toward a new French standard
Y. Le Muet, P. Chevret
14:00 Characterization and vibration isolation of building service equipment mounted on lightweight structures
M. Villot, S. Bailhache
Effect of rail unevenness correlation on the prediction of ground-borne vibration from railways
E. Ntotsios, D. Thompson, M.F.M. Hussein
Whisstone, a sound diffractor: does it really affect traffic noise?
J. Hooghwerff, F. Reinink, R. Van Der Heijden, Y. Wijnant
Measurement Results at Outdoor Dance Festivals in Belgium
M. Kok
Physiological reaction thresholds to vibration during sleep
M. Smith, M. Ögren, O. Hammar, K. Persson Waye
Protocol to manage construction noise in urban areas: practical case in Bilbao municipality
I. Garcia Perez, I. Aspuru, I. Diez
A Wave Based Transfer Matrix Method for accurate simulation of acoustic problems with multilayered damping treatment
S. Jonckheere, D. Vandepitte, W. Desmet
Real-time underwater abrasive water jet cutting process control
S.D. Debruyne, D. Vandepitte, K. Van Massenhove
Effect of Variation in Noise Absorption in Open-plan Office: a Field Study with a Cross-Over Design
F. Davidsson
14:20 Measured transfer functions from structure-borne sound sources in a timber-frame construction
F. Schöpfer, C. Hopkins, A.R. Mayr, U. Schanda
Transmission of underground-induced vibration to the ground surface: a comparison of 2D, 2.5D and 3D models
P. Jean, M. Villot
On site acoustic characterization of optimized very thin asphalt concretes
J. Cesbron, P. Klein, V. Gary, J.-M. Clairet
Exposure to firework noise in festivals
R. Passos, A. Carvalho, C. Rocha
Nocturnal Road Traffic Noise and ChildrenˇŻs Sleep
K.V. Weyde, G.M. Aasvang, B. Oftedal, N. Krog
Soundscape theory

Global and local sound quality indicators for urban context based on perceptive and acoustic variables
C. Lavandier, P. Delaitre, C. Ribeiro
A Multi-Level Wave Based Method to predict the dynamic response of 2D poroelastic materials containing holes or inclusions
E. Deckers, W. Desmet
Combining installation challenges with noise challenges
H. Van Vessem
Defining the acoustic environment of (semi-)open plan offices subtitle: Acoustic measurements leading to activity based design for retrofit buildings
S. Vellenga-Persoon, T. Hongens
14:40 Laboratory characterisation and prediction of structure- borne sound transmission of sanitary installations in heavyweight buildings
S. Reinhold, J. Scheck, H.-M. Fischer, A. Ruff, C. Hopkins
Experimental validation of a numerical model for the ground vibration from trains in tunnels
Q. Jin, D. Thompson, D. Lurcock, M. Toward, E. Ntotsios, S. Koroma, M.F.M. Hussein
Poroelastic Block Pavement as a Low Tyre/Road Noise Solution for Cities
D. Kokot, M. Ramsak
Urban sound planning

The influence of soundscape on the tourists' environmental quality perception in urban areas
V. Puyana Romero, G. Brambilla, M. Di Gabriele, V. Gallo, L. Maffei
Predictions of Sleep Disturbance for Different Nighttime Airport Operation Strategies Using a New Markov State Transition Sleep Model
S. McGuire, M. Basner
How to measure soundscape quality
Ö. Axelsson
Development of the partition of unity finite element method for the 3D analysis of interior sound fields
M. Yang, E. Perrey-Debain, B. Nennig, J.-D. Chazot
Separating Propeller Cavitation Noise and Cavitation Tunnel System Noise using Blind Source Separation(BSS)
E. Widjiati, E.B. Djatmiko, W. Wardhana, W. Wirawan
Background noise level to determine the speech privacy in open plan offices
T. Vervoort
15:00 Application of the Concept of Reference Timber Joist Ceiling
J. Seidel
A catalogue of vibration reducing measures for railways
R. Cornelis, J. Van Den Brink, C. Ostendorf
Long-term Acoustical Performance of Low-noise Road Surfaces in Urban Areas in Switzerland
E. Hammer, S. Steiner, M. Dias, E. Bühlmann
Traffic dynamics, road design and noise emission: a study case
L. Estévez-Mauriz, J. Forssén, W. Kropp, G. Zachos
Traffic Noise, Insomnia and Sleep Medication Use
J. Evandt, B. Oftedal, N. Hjertager Krog, S. Skurtveit, E. Skovlund, P. Nafstad, P. Schwarze, G.M. Aasvang
A method to collect representative samples of urban soundscapes
J. Tardieu, C. Magnen, M.-M. Colle-Quesada, P. Gaillard, N. Spanghero-Gaillard
Calculation of internal powers for anisotropic porous materials within multilayered structures based on plane wave approximation
J.P. Parra Martinez, O. Dazel, P. Göransson, J. Cuenca
Modeling of seismic exploration noise reduction in the Marginal Ice Zone
D. Tollefsen, E.M. Dombestein, H. Sagen
Speech security outside meeting rooms
C. Hopkins, M. Robinson, K. Worrall, T. Jackson
15:20 Sound Insulation of Walls with a new Mortar-Mix System
M. Schneider
Laboratory Measurement of the Vibration Attenuation Performance of the Rail Fastening System
D. Desmyter, S. Cox, J. Cailliau
coffee Characterisation of the soundscape in Valley Gardens, Brighton, by a soundwalk prior to an urban design intervention
F. Aletta, E. Margaritis, K. Filipan, V. Puyana Romero, Ö. Axelsson, J. Kang
coffee Soundscape visualization: a new approach based on automatic annotation and Samocharts
P. Guyot, J. Pinquier
coffee On the use of ship radiated noise to determine statistical information on geoacoustic structure in shallow water
D. Knobles
Spatial decay rate of speech in open plan offices: the use of D2,S and Lp,A,S,4m as building requirements
R. Wenmaekers, C. Hak
15:40 coffee coffee Influence of Environment- and Traffic-related Factors on Acoustical Ageing of Low-noise Road Surfaces in Switzerland
E. Bühlmann, M. Dias, S. Steiner
Research Outcomes for Urban Sound Planning from European Commission projects
S. Alves, B. Altreuther, J. Scheuren
Annoyance effects due to noise sources

How new temporal and spectral indices improve indicators of noise annoyance due to urban road vehicle pass-by noise
A. Klein, C. Marquis-Favre, R. Weber
New Insights into Soundscape Evaluations Using the Experience Sampling Method
J. Steffens, D. Steele, C. Guastavino
A homogenization approach for characterization of the microscopic viscous-thermal effects in acoustic poroelastic materials
K. Gao, H.V. Dommelen, P. Göransson, M. Geers
Bayesian Ambient-Noise Inversion
S. Dosso
Prediction of spatial decay of speech in open-plan offices conforming ISO 3382-3 principles
V. Hongisto, J. Keränen
16:00 Design Process to evaluate potential of wind noise at façade elements
F. Coppa, C. Paduano
High speed train noise (Europe/China exchange)

The Pollution Control of Urban Elevated Railway Traffic Noise
Y. Liu, X. Deng, Y. Zhang, D. Qian
Noise Generated by Tyres Designed for Electric Vehicles - Results of Laboratory Experiments
J. Ejsmont, B. Swieczko-Zurek, S. Taryma, P. Mioduszewski
coffee Frequency Weightings Based on Subjectively Dominant Spectral Regions
A.J. Torija, I. Flindell, R. Self
coffee Inverse method to characterize 'local' and 'non-local' absorbing materials submitted to a shear grazing flow
F. Simon, O. Berengue Llonch, E. Piot
De-noising procedures for inverting underwater acoustic signals in applications of acoustical oceanography
M. Taroudakis, C. Smaragdakis
Sound exposure of musicians

Sound levels and balance of Self, Others and Reverb: Their potential influence on orchestra musicians
M. Skĺlevik
16:20 Direct Sound Transmission Loss of Heavy Gauge Steel Stud Walls
C. Hoeller, B. Zeitler, J. Mahn
The Application of the Control Technology of the Noise Source and the Effect of Its Noise Reduction of Beijing- Shanghai High-speed Railway
X. Gu, Y. Li, L. Liu, X. Wu
Tyre/road noise of passenger car tyres, including tyres for electric vehicles - road measurements
T. Berge, F. Haukland, P. Mioduszewski, R. Wozniak
Identifying and recognizing noticeable sounds from physical measurements and their effect on soundscape
K. Filipan, M. Boes, B. De Coensel, H. Domitrovic, D. Botteldooren
Effects of non-acoustic factors on of annoyance caused by floor impact sounds: A structural equation analysis
P.J. Lee, S.H. Park
From Soundscape to Meaningscape
F.L. Nielbo
Mechanical characterisation of acoustic foams: fractional derivatives approach
S. Sahraoui, X. Guo, G. Yan, D. Parmentier
Designing outdoor ground for noise reduction

Outdoor Ground Impedance Models
K. Attenborough
Noise exposure of musicians: the own instrument's sound compared to the sound from others
R. Wenmaekers, C. Hak
16:40 Description of the acoustic characteristics of ETFE roof structures
S. Bron Van Der Jagt, C. Laudij, E. Gerretsen, E. Phaff, T. Raijmakers
The Experimental Studies on High-speed Railway Noise Field Vertical Distribution and propagation characteristic
Y. Li, L. Liu, X. Gu, L. Shao
Laboratory measurements on Poroelastic test slabs from full scale test sections
R.S.H. Skov, H. Bendtsen, J. Cesbron
Limiting the Levels of Outdoor Music Clubs Sound Reinforcement Systems at Zrce, Croatia
K. Jambrosic, H. Domitrovic, M. Horvat
First Steps in the Development of the new WHO Evidence Review on Noise Annoyance
R. Guski, D. Schreckenberg
The role of activity in urban soundscape evaluations
D. Steele, J. Steffens, C. Guastavino
Experimental Methods for porous materials

In-situ sound absorption of ground surfaces: Innovative processing and characterization methods
J. Cuenca, L. De Ryck
Determination of the Impedance of Vegetated Roofs with a Double- Layer Miki Model
C. Liu, M. Hornikx
Sound exposure of musicians and music induced hearing loss
S. Dance
17:00 Laboratory Studies of Protection against Propagation of Impact Noise from Staircases
A. Izewska, B. Szudrowicz
Experimental study on the characteristics of noise sources in high-speed railway
L. Liu, Y. Chen, X. Xing, C. He
Silent and Safe Roadtraffic-project: An optimization of the tyre-road interaction on noise and wet grip
D.A. Bekke, G.O. Lansink, B. Bobbink, Y. Wijnant, D. Schipper, R. Stevens
The influence of urban canyon design on noise reduction for people living next to roads
G.M. Echevarria Sanchez, T. Van Renterghem, D. Botteldooren
The Effect of Noise from Overflying Aircraft on a Young Adult Population
F. Van Den Berg, I. Van Moorselaar, C. Verhagen
Soundscape Streaming and Visualization for HCI Design
H. Kobayashi
Silicone foams for sound absorption: on the link between elaboration parameters and acoustic performances
A. Abbad, S. Mith, M. Ouisse, N. Dauchez
Ground Effect due to Periodic Resonant Roughness
H.-C. Shin, S. Taherzadeh, K. Attenborough
Universal design and acoustics in public buildings

The Design of the Multifunctional Concert Hall of the Academy of Music in Zagreb
M. Horvat, H. Domitrovic, K. Jambrosic
17:20 Classification of Heavy-weight floor impact sounds based on perceptual noise levels and annoyance
S.M. Kim, J.Y. Hong, J.Y. Jeon
Acquisition of exterior multiple sound sources for train auralization based on beamforming
F. Meng, F. Wefers, M. Vorländer
Self Healing Asphalt: The 'match' between noise reduction and durability
G. Van Bochove
An Efficient Method to Calculate Sound Diffraction over Rigid Obstacles
W. Wei, T. Van Renterghem, D. Botteldooren
Social Noise Exposure in University Students in Slovakia
L. Argalasova, A. Filova, J. Jurkovicova, K. Hirosova, J. Babjakova, L. Sevcikova
Evaluating the University Campus Soundscape: The Case of Tianjin University
K. Sun, X. Liang, D. Botteldooren, B. De Coensel
Food product characterization by acoustical techniques
F.-X. Bécot, M. Gauthier, F. Chevillotte, L. Jaouen
Sound propagation above periodic & aperiodic rough surfaces
S. Taherzadeh
Room acoustic aspects of some recently opened pop venues
M. Lautenbach, M. Luykx
17:40 Rolling noise model for building acoustics purposes
F. Chevillotte, F.-X. Bécot, L. Jaouen
Calculations of sound radiation associated with 'tunnel boom' from high-speed trains
V. Krylov, W. Bedder
Acoustical and Mechanical Impedance Measurements of PoroElastic Road Surfaces
C. Vuye, L. Goubert, M. Van Beveren, W. Van Den Bergh
A novel Speech intelligibility improvement method using maximizing Mutual Information measure
E. Eideli, S.M. Ahadi, N. Faraji
Exposure to road traffic noise and risk for behavioral problems in 7-year old children: a cohort study
D. Hjortebjerg, A.-M. Nybo Andersen, J. Schultz Christensen, M. Ketzel, O. Raaschou-Nielsen, J. Sunyer Deu, J. Julvez, J. Forns Guzmán, M. Sřrensen
A taxonomy of sounds both object and user centred
P. Gaillard, J. Tardieu, M. Coler, C. Magnen
Investigations of an impedance tube technique to determine the transmission loss of materials under angular incidence
E. Sadoulet-Reboul, M. Le Bourles, K. Verdičre, M. Ouisse, O. Doutres, R. Panneton
ABAV GA Ambiances In Station - The Role Played By Acoustics
C. Gallais, T. Guillaume, P.E. Gautier
18:00     "Noise climate" improvement as an opportunity at road reconstructions
P. Driessen
Spatial categorization of urban sound environments based on mobile measurements
A. Can, B. Gauvreau
Assessment of Impulse Noise regarding Harmfulness to Hearing
B. Hohmann
A pilot experiment on effects of motor and cognitive activities on memories of soundscapes
E. Bild, M. Coler, D. Dubois, K. Pfeffer
Inverse estimation of the elastic and anelastic properties of anisotropic foams - study of the static/dynamic separation
J. Cuenca, C. Van Der Kelen, P. Göransson
The use of textile membranes in architectural acoustics: An overview
V. Chmelík, D. Urbán, M. Rychtáriková
19:30                   Congress diner

Tuesday 2 june, 2015: 14:00 - Lobby
Posters, part 1

Modeling and Validation Processes of an Electric Vehicle with Statistical Energy Analysis
A. Botke, E. Erensoy, D. Yazgac, C. Sevginer
Computer modelling and on-site investigation of noise barriers with complementary noise reduction element
M. Bite, D.S. Nagy, P.Z. Bite, I. Dombi
Detection of Wind Turbine Noise in Immission Measurements
B. Fauville, F. Moiny
Comparison of a finite element approach and an analytic solution describing the sound pressure fields in two coupled rooms at the low frequency sound spectrum within a parametric study
M. Neusser, H. Konder, T. Bednar
Smart Soundmeter for Shooting Noise Monitoring
A.-C. Witsel, F. Moiny
Optimization of the Measurement System for Determination of the Diffusion and Reflection Coefficients
L. Zuzjak, J. Karel, O. Turecek
Excitation of a Single Cut-on Mode by Means of a Plane Mode- synthesiser Composed of Several Point Sources - Theory and Experiment
A. Snakowska, L. Gorazd, J. Jurkiewicz, K. Kolber, A. Flach
A Framework for Road Traffic Noise Auralisation
A. Southern, D. Murphy
The Selection of the Microphones for Diffusion Measurement Method
J. Karel, O. Turecek, L. Zuzjak
Effective sound absorption of acoustic panels in a diffuse and non-diffused sound field
J. Zrneková, P. Zatko, M. Rychtáriková

Tuesday 2 june, 2015: 15:00 - Lobby
Posters, part 2

The Heliophone
N.B. Roozen, A. Jacobs, M. Rychtáriková, C. Glorieux
The visual effect combined with audible noise of wind turbine and its related EEG reaction
M. He, D. Krahé
Software quality testing for calculation of outdoor noise
I. Tsukernikov, I. Shubin, L. Tichomirov, T. Nevenchannaya
Comparison of force and moment behavior of bimorph actuator
O. Jiricek, V. Jandak, M. Brothanek
Noise Induced Hearing Loss: a systematic review
A. Oliveira, A. Miguel, J. Baptista, J. Costa
Measurements on active earplugs and effect of ear canal resonances on spectral balance
T. Lokki, I. Huhtakallio
A Case Study on Public Noise Annoyance in Relation to Research Trends on Noise Pollution
N. Akbulut Çoban, K. Gedik, S. Kaya
Analysis of the Acoustic Conditions in the Student Restaurant
L. Zelem, D. Urbán, V. Chmelík, M. Rychtáriková
Modeling Speech Production in Noise for the Assessment of Vocal Effort for Use with Communication Headsets
R. Bouserhal, J. Voix, T. Falk

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Posters, part 3

Combining thermally activated cooling technology (TABS) and high acoustic demand: Acoustic and thermal results from field measurements part II
Y. Le Muet, P. Lombard
Influence of the Openings Size on Acoustic Quality of Naturally Ventilated Classrooms
M. Oiticica, J. Silva
A qualitative study of annoyance caused by floor impact sounds in apartment buildings
S.H. Park, P.J. Lee
Increasing annoyance due to noise radiation of steel bridges and their joints
C. Tollenaar, E. De Graaff
Residents Autonomy to Solve the Chinese DAMA Square Dancing noise
W. Zhang, Y. Zhou, W. Zhu
Airborne sound insulation measurements using gunshoot as an impulsive sound source
F. Dezelak, L. Curovic, M. Cudina
Experimental study of sound attenuation by layers of water droplets
I. Herrero-Durá, J. Zaragozá, R. Picó, V. Sánchez-Morcillo, L.M. García-Raffi
Active musician's hearing protection device for enhanced perceptual comfort
A. Bernier, J. Voix
An Experimental Study To Investigate Speech Intelligibility And Sound Quality In Elementary Schools
Z. Savci Ozguven, N. Tamer Bayazit